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About Us

Irbis Ltd. has developed modern technologies in a sphere of farm production since 2005. Purposive specialization, high level employees’ professionalism and cooperation with producers of manufacturing equipment allow our company to carry out the projects fast and with a good quality, using effective advanced technologies.

Our company is a member of self-regulated organization and nonprofit partnership "Association of design engineers" (certificate № П.037.57.2917.11.2011).

We have great practical experience and can suggest you:

  • development of different types of cattle farms, based on modern technologies of loose box housing for milkers and growing stock (examples);
  • development of innovation technology of composted bedded loose housing for milkers (examples);
  • development of modern technology of tie stall housing for cows during reconstruction of existing barns and supply with manufacturing equipment of dosed mixed fodder feeding systems, ventilation in autumn, winter and spring periods and ventilation and cooling in summer period (examples);
  • development of modern technology of pig housing during reconstruction of existing pigpens and supply with manufacturing equipment (examples);
  • development of modern technology of grain processing and storing during construction of the new grain elevators and renovation of the existing granaries and supply with manufacturing equipment (examples)
  • development of construction and renovation projects of feed mills (examples);
  • development of potato storages (examples);
  • development of projects of potato watering using water-sprinklers (examples).