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Dosed Mixed Fodder Feeding System Designed For Tie Stall Cow Housing

Dosed mixed fodder feeding system designed for tie stall cow housing

New possibilities:

  • feeding of each cow according to individual production;
  • distribution of the exactly dosed amount of mixed fodder to each cow;
  • division of the mixed fodder day amount per cow into several portions of 1,5-2,0 kilos each;
  • mechanization of the mixed fodder distribution process.

Purpose of use:

  • increase in cow productivity due to the exact individual batching of mixed fodder and better assimilability because of 6-8 times increased response ratio;
  • decrease in number of metabolic diseases and diseases of gastrointestinal tract due to reduction of mixed fodder portions up to the optimal amount of no more than 2 kilos;
  • decrease in losses of mixed fodder during the manual distribution or remaining uneaten during the mechanical distribution of all-in-one feed;
  • decrease in costs of manual labor used during the mixed fodder distribution;
  • control of practically used mixed fodder expense.

Equipment for the dosing feed systems:

  • a line of temporary storage and supply of mixed fodder to the barn building, including an outward mixed fodder tank, a spiral feed alley with a drive, filling equipment with volume feed sensors, a control board of a line;
  • 2 lines of mixed  fodder distribution (each for 100 cows), including feed alleys made of galvanized steel, ferrules and rotary angle bars;
  • washer-chain conveyor with driving stations, individual batchers with opening system (2-4 lines), volume feed sensors, launching galvanized pipes, an individual manger for cows, control boards of lines.