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Summer Ventilation And Cooling System Designed For The Tie Stall Cow Housing Barns

Functions of ventilation system:

  • provides necessary air renewal and air cooling in barns while cows are tied during the summer.

Principle of operation:

  • operation of the system includes two consecutive stages: cooling and ventilation; 
  • cooling is provided with the help of cold water supplied from a pump station through high pressure pipelines with the following dissipation through sprayers (with constitution of cooling mist);
  • at the second stage ventilators, located inside the barn, produce air motions blowing on cows and removing excreted water steams and excess moisture;
  • automatic system control is provided by a climate computer based on data of the sensors, placed inside the barn, according to the given parameters of temperature, humidity and operation time of pump station and ventilators.

Purpose of use:

  • increase in cow productivity due to lower thermal stress and better appetite;
  • decrease in permanent recession of cow productivity in conditions of high temperature inside the barn.

Equipment of the cooling system:

  • 2-4 lines of special axial-blow blowers;
  • water supply system, included a pump station with water filtration facilities and implements;
  • 2-4 high pressure pipelines, fastening and assembling elements, high pressure sprayers;
  • control system, consisted of climate computer and temperature and humidity sensors.