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Winter Ventilation System Designed For The Tie Stall Cow Housing Barns

Winter ventilation system designed for the tie stall cow housing barns

Functions of ventilation system:

  • provides intake of clear and fresh air from outside;
  • removes carbonic acid, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide which are harmful to cattle;
  • removes moisture and dust;
  • provides necessary air renewal in a barn.

Purpose of use:

  • increase in cow productivity due to the better appetite and greater amount of fodder consumption;
  • decrease in number of lungs diseases among cows due to microclimate optimization;
  • better semination of cows due to decrease of ammonia concentration in the air of the barn;
  • decrease in costs of current maintenance of the barn internal constructions due to decrease of water steams concentration in the air indoors;
  • decrease in costs of cleaning and increase of manufacturing equipment life time due to the less content of dust, foul gases and water steams in the air indoors;
  • better conditions of work and less amount of diseases among the farm staff.

Equipment for ventilation system:

  • plenum ventilation system, consisted of 2 lines of wall heat-insulating valves with protective outward plastic covers, system of automatic opening of valves, fastening and assembling elements;
  • system of exhaust ventilation, consisted of air-exhausters with shafts, sheds and valves, shaft roof plates (slates or profile plates), fastening and assembling elements;
  • system of microclimate control, consisted of control unit with supplies, temperature sensors and alarm signaling with siren and control unit.